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We believe that learning should be grade-agnostic and each child should have the opportunity to learn and grow at his or her pace. We also believe that learning plans should be personalized and recognize the individuality and learning style of each child. In order to facilitate this approach in a practical manner in a classroom environment, we will initially assess each participant and work with parents to group students generally at the same skill level. Each group will meet at a pre-determined time each week for an hour, and will move through the curriculum at an appropriate pace. Students will have the opportunity to move between groups as the course progresses.To facilitate the formation of skill-level based groups, we ask that all prospective students initially participate in a FREE, no-obligation four week introductory session, where you will have the opportunity to see what we offer, and we will have the opportunity to assess your child.


In order to facilitate individual attention and promote a focussed, collaborative environment, each group will consist of no more than 4-5 students.



Dates: Saturdays from January 9th – 30th

Location: Redmond (Venue to be Finalized)

Duration: 1 hour each Saturday (Time to be Finalized)


Dates: Feb 6th  – May 28th

Location: Redmond (Venue to be Finalized)

Duration: 1 hour Saturday AM or Sunday PM (Time to be Finalized)


The 4 week introductory session is free.

The tuition for the spring session will be $60/month and is due on the first class of the month.


We hope you will stay for the whole semester but we recognize that circumstances can change. If you wish to cancel your enrollment, please notify us in writing before the start of the following month.