About Us

The genesis for Prahan is born through my experiences during my eleven years as a team manager for Destination Imagination, the largest creative problem solving competition in the world. In my first year, the impromptu rendition of the chicken dance on stage by my very young team brought the house down and hooked me to the pursuit of creative exploration. Over the years, I credit my greatest learning to the journey and the kids in my teams that have participated in the Seattle-Metro Regional Tournament, the Washington State Tournament, and twice in the Global Finals Tournament.

As I watched both my own kids and the kids on the teams transform over the years, I wanted to do more.

Prahan is the expression of that passion. Our camps focus on activities that develop creativity, critical thinking, teamwork, and public speaking. We offer an eclectic collage of games and activities that help our children develop skills critical to academic success as well as success in life. In the process, we hope that they discover the gift of the human imagination. I call it “the other half of education.”

Our activities combine content in a manner that is unique, stimulating, and inspiring. We encourage you to read about our classes and join us.